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Patent Prosecution and IP Counseling

I am an Intellectual Property Attorney and I provide a full range of services aimed at capitalizing on whatís valuable about your idea.

My Intellectual Property Practice offers 3 Key Services:

         Patent Prosecution for Inventions in the Life Sciences

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         Design Around Pharmaceuticals   Less >


o   I help companies avoid infringing valid patents. I will examine patented pharmaceuticals/ nutraceuticals and compare them to proposed generics. I provide non-infringement opinions, freedom to operate opinions, and IP counseling that will help you decide what your product needs to be to avoid infringing otherís intellectual property.


o   I have experience providing noninfringement opinions for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical foods, and 501 (k) medical devices.

o   If you have a product ready for market and want to be assured it does not infringe a patented product, Contact Me Now.


         IP Counseling for Entrepreneurs aimed at protecting their Intangible Value   More >


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Brett Bartel, Esq., M.S.
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