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Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Rome

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The Colosseum

The Colosseum, which is in the Historic Center (or “Centro Storico” in Italian), should be the first stop on this list of must-see sights. The most famous monument in Rome is here!

The biggest amphitheatre in the Roman world, it can hold more than 50,000 spectators. These stadiums saw quite a bit of bloodshed during the legendary gladiatorial combats, animal battles, and Roman games that were invariably followed by horrifying demises.

If you travel during peak season, the visit isn’t free, and you’ll probably have to wait a while to get there.

The Roman Forum

It would be a pity to skip them as the three tourist attractions are connected and the Colosseum ticket provides entry to both the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill (I’ll discuss it just below).

The forum formerly served as the city’s administrative and religious centres, and nearby are the remains of several marketplaces and other structures. But there is no explanation provided on the site, so if you’re into history, you should absolutely choose a guided tour.

I advise you to select the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill small group trip. It’s the most comprehensive and is offered in English, Italian, Spanish, or French, which is quite practical.

The Palatine Hill

The Colosseum ticket includes three points of interest, with this being the third.

According to tradition, Romulus and Remus established the city atop Palatine Hill, one of Rome’s seven hills. As you may be aware, these are the identical twins that a wolf would have discovered in a cave and suckled.

You may visit this cave and the remnants of historical personalities’ homes, including Augustus, the first Roman emperor, at the summit of Palatine Hill.

Piazza del Campidoglio

You may reach Capitol Square by ascending the wide stairway leading to the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II. It was once the centre of Rome’s political and religious life and was created by Michelangelo himself. What you can see in Capitol Square is:

The Senatorial Palace, or Palazzo Senatorio
The Capitoline Museums and the Museum of Art and Archaeology are presently housed in the Palazzo Nuovo, also known as the New Palace, also known as the Palazzo dei Conservatori or Palace of the Conservators. The Capitoline Wolf statue, depicting the legendary she-wolf nursing Romulus and Remus, is one of the most well-known works of art there.

Trevi Fountain

You have definitely see the well-known Trevi Fountain, which is beside the Pantheon.

The Trevi Fountain, which is the most renowned fountain in all of Europe, is located there (Fontana di Trevi in Italian). For everyone visiting Rome, a must-see. This fountain is also known for holding a lot of marriage proposals because of the folklore around it! According to legend, a young girl had to tell the Romans where the spring was in order to save her virginity.

There are various sculptures depicting an allegory of the sea across the basin, with Neptune riding his chariot in the middle. According to custom, you should toss two coins: one to express a wish and the other to ensure that you will return.

St. Peter’s Square

The well-known St. Peter’s Square will serve as your entrance to the Vatican (Piazza San Pietro in Italian). Millions of pilgrims and visitors visit this square each year!

The goal in creating St. Peter’s Square was to enable as many people as possible to witness the Pope bestowing his benediction from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica.

The area is surrounded by two colonnades that include 145 sculptures of saints and almost 280 columns each. Two sizable fountains flank the Egyptian obelisk in the middle of St. Peter’s Square.

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