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Attracting Hummingbirds


Excellent, amazing & info-rich book penned by the author & environmental scientist DAN STEIN.

This book contains an extraordinary & well researched information about humming birds that you will never aware of before reading this book. Simple & scientific approaches can actually attract humming birds that offers joy & peace to our lives.

Dan Stein very well educates the reader of the simply fantastic theories & facts about humming birds migration, mating seasons, nesting techniques and their fantastic lives; he vividly elaborates various kinds of feeders do add life, sound and color to attract them. Most importantly, he provides a highly reliable TOOL-KIT along with motivation, enthusiasm & interesting tricks for a reader to attract these birds. Watching humming birds is a diversion & relief from the pressures of our daily lives while respecting mother nature.



Attracting Hummingbirds: How to Design Backyard Environments Using Feeders and Flowers (Simple Sustainable Living)

You’ve decided to make a hobby of supporting these miniature marvels. Way to go! We all benefit from strengthening our connection with nature.

Whether you are designing a hummingbird haven in your backyard, bringing some life to your apartment window, or just learning about the wild world around you, Attracting Hummingbirds will help you in the first days of planning, and as your experience and curiosity grows.

In this book you will discover…

  • The best flowers, plants, and trees to attract and support hummingbirds
  • The three things you should never put in your hummingbird feeder
  • Why hummingbird feathers seem to sparkle and shimmer in the sunlight
  • Just how fast are they moving anyway?
  • How to make your space safe for hummingbirds, avoiding predators and unwanted pests
  • The different species of hummingbirds that live and visit your area
  • How to make sure your feeders or flowers won’t interfere with hummingbird migration or nesting
  • Facts and secrets of hummingbird behavior to try and spot for yourself, and to share with friends and neighbors

Even if you have no gardening skills, minimal outdoor space, or have never bird-watched before, anyone can welcome hummingbirds into their life with a little help.

So if you’re ready to Attract Hummingbirds to your backyard (or balcony), click the Add to Cart Button.


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